5 Romantic Apps for Valentine’s Day, Built with No-Code

From dating to engagement to wedding planning season, the lifecycle of modern romance sometimes requires technological tools to help you navigate all potential options and opportunities. Bubble’s no-code visual programming platform allows you to build complex, custom web apps without code, from a dating app to a wedding venue marketplace, to even a prenuptial agreement tool – entirely visually.

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Um, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to refer to an app that lets you create prenuptial agreements as a romantic app for Valentine’s Day. Either that or I don’t know jack about romance. Oh, wait… never mind. :slight_smile:


I find honest, pragmatic and open conversations about the future to be VERY romantic!!! :slight_smile:

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Coming in here to say that a prenup is proof that you are getting married for the right reasons :wink: (love, not money)!

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Prenups are contracts for when it comes time for divorce. :slight_smile: