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How To Build A Tinder Clone Without Code - Bubble

There’s no denying that there are more dating options than ever available to meet your specific romantic needs, but finding the perfect no-code app that matches your development needs should be as easy as swiping right - and it is with Bubble!

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Hi - I wanted to build a chat function similar to this Tinder clone. However, in this “How-to”, when it shows the repeating group displaying chat messages, it shows the constraints only where the sender is the current user and receiver is the current page’s user. But this will not display the messages where the sender is the current page’s user and the receiver is the current user - right? How do we display messages where sender is either of those two users and receiver is either of those two users?


I added one more field named “Conversation between”, this is a List of users who are participated in this messaging. And data source of RG Massage will be: “Search for messages” with constraint “Conversation between contains current user and current page user”

Awesome. How long would the development take to build a Tinder clone? Do you think it’d be possible to build in 1-3 months?


How to remove users from Matcher users list? I tried to add icon to RG and add workflow to “User mached remove …” (Ugo in my screenshot) but I there is no suitable option to continue.

I also tried to add the matched user to NoGo -list but same problem. There is no such thing as “current cell’s user”.

So how to remove user from matched users -list?

Hi Jeff,

Yes it is possible to build a Tinder clone from scratch in about 1-3 months depending on your Bubble development skills. Or you can purchase our complete Tinder Clone template and save yourself hundreds of hours of development!!

Thank you,
No Code Team

I have a question. When ppl log on to my bubble app I want them to be directed right to the create a profile page where they have to put there info like bio age name but instead of that it takes me to a different profile page and u have to go edit profile instead of just entering ur info

Hi, guys. I am doing a Tinder Clone, but when i created my chat, he only displays my message, not the message from the other user. I saw the tutorial in bubble´s forum, but it´s doesn´t help.

There are some photos of the project:


Conversa = Chat
Mensagem = Message
Enviar = Send

I am trying to add the match feature, but Bubble has changed slightly since the blog was posted. Instructions from blog post: " After completing this workflow, you’ll also need to replicate this logic for the swipe left action, only this time, you’ll be making changes to the current user’s not matched data field."

My editor:

Any tips are appreciated.