$50 for someone to quickly help with this API call

Hi Bubbler,

Firstly, is this call even possible with the Bubble API connector?

API document here: API Documentation - Twelve Data
Request example:

–header “Content-Type: application/json”
–request POST
–data ‘{
“symbols”: [“AAPL”, “MSFT”, “GOOG”],
“intervals”: [“5min”, “1day”],
“outputsize”: 25,
“methods”: [
“name”: “ema”,
“time_period”: 12
“name”: “adx”,
“symbol”: [“MMM”],
“order”: “ASC”

Use case:

I want to update the prices of a list of stocks, which is a custom datatype.

Stock {
I can run a loop and make individual calls but that may take too long so a better option is to use the “complex” call feature of the API. A complex data call is where we’re sending an array of tickers to the API and it will return data for each ticker. I am only interested in the last price.

The endpoint doesn’t need the exchange specified but I like to include it to make sure the right data is returned.

So the workflow is something like this:

Send list of ticker:exchange to API → API returns a list of datapoints → update the list of stocks with the latest prices.

$50 reward for someone to show me how to do this complex call or setup a demo page that I can copy.

Return example:

  "data": [
    {"meta": {"symbol" : "AAPL", "interval": "5min", ...}, "values": [...], "status": "ok"},
    {"meta": {"symbol" : "AAPL", "interval": "1day", ...}, "values": [...], "status": "ok"},
    {"meta": {"symbol" : "MSFT", "interval": "5min", ...}, "values": [...], "status": "ok"},
    {"meta": {"symbol" : "MSFT", "interval": "1day", ...}, "values": [...], "status": "ok"},
    {"meta": {"symbol" : "GOOG", "interval": "5min", ...}, "values": [...], "status": "ok"},
    {"meta": {"symbol" : "GOOG", "interval": "1day", ...}, "values": [...], "status": "ok"},
    {"meta": {"symbol" : "MMM", "interval": "1day", ...}, "values": [...], "status": "ok"}

  "status": "ok"

I can’t even get that call to work in Hoppscotch :flushed:

The GETs work ok, but that is not happy.

Which error do you get?

Are you sure your plan doesn’t hit the limits?

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Actually, maybe have sorted it. It doesn’t like the array in Symbols it seems.

@NigelG so did it work for you?

Yes. “symbols”: [“AAPL”], works but the example gave me “invalid JSON”.

Sadly it is now stuck on “too many calls” despite me not having done one for 12 hours.

@NigelG thanks. I messaged you a premium API key to try.