50 Web3 (NFT, Crypto, DAO, DeFi) Resources for No-Code

Hey Bubble Community :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:,

My name is Ed, and I’m a Bubbler based in Hong Kong. I have built several Bubble templates and tools.

I started building web3 apps on Bubble last year. Thanks to plugins built by the community like EazyCode, I was able to quickly build a NFT marketplace like OpenSea (free template here).

I created a list of web3 resources for no-coders. I used them whenever I was building web3 related apps. A tool or a guide could save me hours of research.

It is a growing list of 50 web3 resources for no-coders.

:point_right::point_right::point_right: 50 Web3 Resources for No-Coders :point_left::point_left::point_left:

They are divided into web3 areas:

  • NFT
  • DeFi
  • Crypto
  • DAO
  • Dapp

For those new to web3, I would suggest the following learning path:

  1. Read Odyssey. It provides a good overview of web3 and its main applications like NFTs.
  2. Create a crypto wallet on MetaMask.
  3. Build an NFT collection/marketplace. You can start with one of the templates:

I hope this list will help you to build web3 apps. If you want to add to the list or have any ideas to improve it, please let me know.


Creator of one2all.io here. Thanks for the mention, any questions feel free to reach out!


Your template looks great! Do let us know if you are working on anything else web3 related. Would love to feature them on the list.

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Ez Crypto & NFT Market. un saludo para toda la comunidad de bubble, alguien que sepa donde puedo ver una guia para cambiar características o agregar tokens en esta plantilla?

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@eazycode built Ez Crypto & NFT Market (and many other web3 resources). Tagging them here in case they can help.


Hi, I am building a Dapp with Ezcrypto and web3, it is a platform where I will sell tokenized shares, the value of each share is $1, each share is wrapped in a token made in bsc, can you help me to finish, I have some difficulties. :grinning:

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