First Full-Featured NFT Marketplace Built Entirely in Bubble - Live Beta Launch

Hi Everyone, we’re excited to share, the first full-featured custom NFT marketplace built entirely in Bubble. It has full metamask integration, free lazy minting, custom royalties and selling/bidding. Big shout out and thanks to the team at Ezcode who are paving the way for web3 and Bubble integration with their ground-breaking web3 & metamask plug-in.

One2all and Ezcode also partnered with the second largest NFT marketplace Rarible and their Rarible Protocol DAO. Rarible has published a medium article we’ve written to announce the beta launch and why it is so important for the future of the NFT market. you can find that here:

If you have any interest in the intersection of NFT’s and No-code, please reach out! Also, please stay tuned for a free rarible plug-in that will be launched by the Ezcode team in the coming weeks! We are looking for feedback!


cc’ing the wizards at @ezcode. :wink:

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This is DOPE. :beers:

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Well, turns out I just needed to switch to the test network, as the message indicated. Haha. That said, it’s a little jarring, from a UX perspective, that you encounter the message before trying to connect your wallet.

Hi there! This is really incredible. That said, I’m encountering a little bug. When I visit your site on Chrome, before I take any action, I encounter an error popup. See below:

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Hey thanks so much for the feedback and will take a look at that error message agree could be a little jarring need to look at when it actually triggers I think it only triggers once a wallet has been connected at least once. Very much appreciated tho!

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No sweat! Stoked about this project and the forthcoming plugin :raised_hands:

Thanks for the twitter mention @ts11 ! Btw if you’d like to get an update when the plug-in is incoming, please feel free to join our mailing list!

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Quick question: Do you plan to offer support for adding multiple wallets to the royalties allocation for newly minted NFT’s? Looking at the plugin now, it seems like there’s only the option to add a single recipient?

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The plugin was updated, take a look in the v.1.1 :wink:


Woot woot! :tada:

Hey, I was curious so wanted to sign up, connect the wallet. then I see this msg:

Hi no problem! This means your metamask is not set to rinkeby, you need to open your metamask extension and change it to the rinkeby testnet, then refresh the page and see if that works!

Let me know if you still have issues. We are getting closer to a mainnet deployment but still finishing out our beta and this is why it’s still on rinkeby. Hope that makes sense!

Thanks! I switched the network and it worked! I created my second NFT asset ever on your platform. And all this entire built in Bubble… interesting!

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Quick update to everyone, we just launched our first partner implementation. Super excited about it, An innovative team that is bringing blue-chip traditional artists and collectors into the NFT space. One2all was used to seamlessly integrate to an existing webflow based front-end to offer a full marketplace and NFT functionality in ~2 weeks start to finish and launched on mainnet. Any questions or interest, please reach out via DM or just drop a mtg on Thanks!

Nice to meet you. I’d like to develop a market using the NFT plugin developed by EZcode, but I’m not sure how to use this plugin. I would like to develop a market using the NFT plugin developed by EZcode, but I’m not quite sure how to use this plugin. Can you please write an article or video on how to use this plugin?

Hi Andrew this looks super cool. I’m interested how you implemented UI of arts showcase horizontally or like in box structure?

hi matsukou, have you checked the ezcode documentation? It’s very thorough and looking at the editor for the demo could give you some clues. You will need 3 plugins if you want to get full NFT functionality.

hi! so that portion of the site was part of their existing webflow app which we then integrated with the bubble app. i know now that they leveraged Lottie for a lot of their animations. This particular background uses css transforms which theoretically should be possible in bubble as well! i would suggest taking a look at their “view source” and also their custom css file

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Thanks for sharing Andrew.
This use case I never imagined in bubble before. Can you expand on method to incoporate css of webflow css/custom code to bubble application? Also if you share any documentation or some direction to experiment this will be helpful.