A/B testing a Bubble app?

https://optimize.google.com/ lets you edit your Bubble site elements from OUTSIDE bubble and then A/B test those changes.

I have no idea how the magic works, but does!


there is now an official in beta plugin [New Feature][BETA] Google Optimize plugin for A/B testing

4 years on an I STILL cannot type properly into a field in the API connector without it losing focus.

And yet they spend time on things that already work.

This is why nobody likes coders :slight_smile:


@NigelG - I keep getting the following message in GO, and my variant doesn’t display. I’ve added the Optimize Snippet under the “Script/meta tags in header” under Advanced Settings in Bubble for my single page landing page.

Page modified after initial load - The content of this page has been modified after the page was initially loaded. Make sure your changes are rendering correctly by using preview mode

Thoughts on how to resolve this? Looks like you were able to. Thanks!

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Good question, don’t think I saw that :slight_smile: