[New Feature][BETA] Google Optimize plugin for A/B testing

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce the open Beta for a new Bubble-built plugin for Google Optimize, which unlocks A/B testing for your Bubble app! (Note: this feature is only available to apps on the current Professional tier and above.)

A/B testing helps you make data-driven decisions on different variations for your app. The possibilities for what you can test are endless, but here are just a few examples:

  • You have two different possible versions of a landing page, and you want to see which one leads to higher rates of users signing up.
  • You have three different sets of copy for your home page, and you want to see which one leads to more users clicking a certain button.
  • You want to see if showing a popup after a user logs in will increase the likelihood of that user making a purchase.

Regular third-party A/B testing tools don’t play well with Bubble apps, so we built our own integration with Google Optimize to unlock this capability. To use this feature, you have to set up Google Optimize, Google Analytics, and optionally Segment for ease of event handling. Once you do, you’ll have the ability to define an A/B test via the Bubble editor - it’s as simple as writing conditions that communicate “if the user is in the control group, show this element”! You can set custom objectives for the test and weigh the resulting data on how well each variant performed via the data visualizer on Google Optimize / Google Analytics.

This Manual page has detailed instructions on how to set up and use the plugin. Please feel free to discuss any questions or comments here, but if you encounter any bugs with this beta feature, please file a bug report as normal.

Happy testing!


I could do this before you created a plugin.

What more does this do over and above what I could already do other than allow you to do it from within Bubble ?

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Not sure which parts of these capabilities you mean, but some of the major benefits of the Optimize plugin include:

  • Handle the randomized assignment of users, in a way that if a user revisits your site, they will be assigned to the same group (you don’t need to save this assignment to your app’s database)
  • Hook into your Google Analytics data for automatic reporting on the results of the test (since there’s an integration between Google Optimize + Analytics)
  • This integration lets you avoid the “flicker” that your users may see if you were thinking of using a different third party A/B testing tool which has its own front-end test variant editor (since those are just rendering additional JS on top of the page load, which Bubble’s own JS was never made to cooperate with)

I made a small building block to get this up and running for all us not on professional plan:

Cheers, Peter

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Hi @miri and @allenyang ,

Is it working well now ? Or is it still on Beta ? I would like to implement it in the next days but I do not know if I should use the plugin or only Google Optimize directly

We currently use this plugin ourselves here at Bubble!

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