A better approach to responsive design?

Hi all,

I’ve just started using Bubble and I’m really fascinated by its power and ease of use. Many thanks to its developers and contributors.

The only problem I can think of is that it is quite complicated and cumbersome to create a responsive page where we must tweak more or less every element on the page.

I used many page builders in Wordpress and I believe all of the are using bootstrap framework where you build page like a Lego based on rows and columns. This approach makes responsive design very easy since you don’t have to do anything extra. (besides defining some extra rules especially for text or to hide some elements)

I’m sure the developers are aware of bootstrap so I wonder if there is a specific reason why they chose going through the more difficult (in my opinion) path?

@kaanaksoy81, welcome to Bubble! I agree that there are definitely some upsides to Bootstrap type approaches.

Bubble (for better or worse) lets you operate free from constraints. (Similar to how Adobe products let you draw on a canvas any way you’d like). Going beyond the responsive settings, I recommend checking out Bubble’s grid functions. While not a full solution, this will help with consistency.

More info here: [New Feature] Improved grid in editor


Thank you for the welcome and your reply Dan. :slight_smile:

I will read the grid fuctions thanks for the tip.

I hope things will change in the future in regards to the responsive functionality. (well at I least I see the boostrap way as an improvement :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Yeah Bubble does give you complete control of the responsive settings, some would say too much :wink:

I definitely wish there was more control on how the responsive engine would work e.g. using some sort of presets on groups and rules when scaling.

With that said there are some very useful tools within the editor that gives you more design control to keep a more consistence size and scaling view such as the grid and gutter display options.

I do find working with the responsive side of things in Bubble quite tedious at times and would love to see some improvements on this end over time :crossed_fingers: