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Poll - Keep the current responsive engine or switch it to Bootstrap?

I wonder what other Bubble users feel about the existing the responsive engine.

Your existing projects will keep working even if the responsive engine gets changed.

  • Keep current responsive engine
  • Switch to Bootstrap
  • Switch to Foundation
  • Switch to something else

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I wish there were more replies :slight_smile:

dont know enough to make an informed vote

Bootstrap is the biggest, easier CSS/JS framework, and bubble don’t need to develop it.

For similartech bootstrap.js is present on 19.86% of the top 100k website on the internet.
and for w3techs is on the 26% on the website in general.

Is the easier because there are so many bootstrap builder that can help you visualize and edit component that maybe you can import on bubble.

And the flexibility use less classes to get a responsive design that have clear rule and if you don’t get how to do something you can just google it, and the bootstrap community get you covered.

What engine do they use at the moment?

for what i know nothing, they have there

The great thing about Buuble is that you can choose. I think it would be a mistake to use Bootstrap or any other engine by force.

I have a lot of experience with different frameworks and they can be heavy on performance. They also have their own behaviour, UX and when you want something unique the last thing you want is Bootstrap, Foundation or any other Framework.

We should be able to choose. There, I had to say it.

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Hi Mangooly,
Could you please tell me how it is possible to choose bootstrap in Bubble as the framework?

Now you cant, they are developing a new rendering engine base on CSS and Flexbox, that probably will allow (i hope) to enable custom css framework.

If you are able to support bootstrap you can support foundation and mostly all CSS bases framework.
They can focus on developing a UI to help new developer to use there builder (base on wharewer framework they want) and we as power user, we can create a custom bootstrap, foundation, bulma or what we want.

But a custom, undocumented framework (2 pages is not a documentation) as what we have now is not the answer in my opinion, even if it based on css but we can’t have a documentation and community like foundation or bootstrap is not the answer.

I’m VERY happy since Bubble announced their migration to CSS grid in the near future.


Bootstrap is more universal