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A data type that will flow through multiple pages

Hi all;

I don’t know if you are going to think this is stupid or maybe this is already possible to do and I just don’t know how but I would find it helpful if there were a data type and a field that could be fixed once and then would flow across multiple pages.

So, for example, a vendor is offering a $1000 thing for $900 and that offer needs to be communicated across multiple pages but right now, I can get it to flow from one page to the next but I would need to re-input it from the second to the third page/screen and that where I would find it helpful if I could enter the information once and then have it available to use on multiple pages.

Don’t know if that makes sense to you but thank you for listening. (and please feel free to let me know if it’s currently possible to accomplish that)…


if I’m understanding correctly you could create a thing called “Offer”. Then you could have a list of offers for each vendor.
Then you could show offers on each page in the way of a group or repeating group. Just be sure to set your constraints to know which offers and by whom that the group or repeating group should display.

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Yes, you can pick a “thing” on one page, and then send that to another page. It is then possible to use that “page” thing to send it to another, and another.

Maybe set something up in the forum app to show us what you are trying to do, it is usually the best way to get help.

Hi All;

Ok, I have created two pages in the forum app - Nagy_page1 and Nagy_page2 to try to help walk through what I am trying to accomplish.

I have also created a Data Type and two fields within that data type.

Here’s what I want to accomplish:
I want to sell a $1500 gift card from a vendor for some lower amount, let’s say $1,000 and I would like to be able to create data types and fields that will carry all the way through the app.

And I don’t know how to do that, so if anyone has ideas, I would very much appreciate them.

So, to be clear, on the first page I would see a variety of offers from different vendors, each one would offer to sell me a $X value gift card for $Y. I would select which offer is best for me, click on that offer to read the details of the offer on a second page, and then from that second page, I would then be able to buy that gift card offer.

I just don’t know how I can set up variables x and y as early as possible so that X and Y carry all the way through the various pages through to the Strip payment processing.

Thank you very much for the help.


You seem to have done it ?

What are you having difficultly with ? You are passing the “thing” from page 1 to page 2. You just keep passing that about. It is the thing you selected on page 1 ?

I guess my confusion is around passing the “thing” from page 2 then to page 3…

The only functionality I see regarding “things” is “create a new thing”, and what I really want to do is just pass the “thing” along, so I don’t know what functionality within bubble will allow me to do that…

And again, thank you so very much for your help.


Well what you can do is make a workflow that navigates to a page. Like a button on page 1 when clicked navigates to page 2. In this action, you can send data parameters from page 1 along (the receiving page has to be the same data type) to the receiving page and on and on.

Yes, so you can just keep passing the thing along …

Which is spot on.

Then from page 2… the thing is the current 'age’s thing (because you sent it).

So you can go to another page …