Multipage update to a database row

Hi, I’ve created a Data type with fields that need to get saved for the current user before the user actually signs-up. Basically the Data type needs to store all the information related to a destination “Address.” This needs to happen over multiple pages as I don’t plan to have one input page to fill out all the fields. How do you let Bubble know that these are part of the same “thing” or row as the user transitions from page to page?

On any page Bubble knows that there is a current user

Thank you. I understand but do you need to transfer the data type when navigating using “data to send” and on the receiving page do you use “Make change to a thing” to add to the fields? Thx

If you are saving data to the current user you can call it from any page in your app using “current user”. Sending it from one page to another does not matter in this case.

Ok understood. That’s probably the reason since this is not being done with the user data type but I’d think there’d be a way to do this with a all data types somehow.

To send data types from one group to another, or from one group to another page … set both the origin and the destination to have the same content and then use the “goto page” command and set the data to send box to “this thing” or to “parent group’s thing”. Make sure to set the type of content and the appropriate options wil show up when you write the expressions.

Thanks a lot. Ok I walked through the workflows and made sure the origin and destination contents match per your inputs. It worked. But what I noticed is that I had to use “Result of Step1” option under Goto Page data to send instead of “Parent’s group ‘thing’”. Step1 here was creating the first thing on the current page. Attached screenshot will make it clear. Not sure what’s the difference between the two and when to use what. Appreciate your help.

forgot to attach the screenshot with my last reply …