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A Shout-out to Bubble & the entire community

I writing to thank you all for all that you’ve built and shared.

We’ve been working hard since January building an app that we believe will revolutionize the real estate industry.

You can read the long version our of story at Offerapp | Open Rant but to keep it brief, we’ve built a mini-Zillow site that also allows you to buy property and get a rebate. For those who don’t get the analogy check out — it’s basically a property directory and lead generation tool for agents.

Our goal is to service the consumer and use technology to make it faster and easier to buy and sell property and pass the savings onto the consumer.

This would not have been possible with you, the Bubble community and

So we’d like to thank you all. Your posts, videos, tips and tricks all helped. Specifically I’d like to thank…

@Emmanuel for Bubble :facepunch: and the entire Bubble team
@romanmg for her awesome videos
@nomorecode for his zen-like videos
@levon at Zeroqode and @Copilot for a bunch of plugins we use

There are many of you whose videos or tips helped tremendously but I cannot recall your names. But thank you!

After 6 months of testing and developing (while also making sales!) we now have an app we can scale. We’ve got the mid-west Florida region done. We’re working on California next. And then we’ll progress around the USA.

It’s a classic David vs Goliath story. We’re small, nimble and can deploy in minutes. And I think we’re gonna scare the you-know-what out of the big boys.

So let’s see what happens to the real estate industry over the coming years. Can we reduce commission to under 2% and make it an agentless process?

Time will tell!

If you have any questions on how we built the site and the challenges we overcame, by all means ask away. I’m indebted to the community and happy to repay (or should I say rebate😎).




Nice app, and interesting concept.

I’m curious about the rebate. Do you have agents working for the app or agents provide the app the rebate?

This looks really cool. I’m in California so I’m looking forward to seeing the homes out here. :raised_hands:

Oh, one idea, if you don’t mind.

When something has a group that has no data, just hide the whole group. It will probably look better that way.

If we can’t see something on the mobile device, maybe just hide it if you can’t figure out the responsiveness of it yet.

Really cool so far though. Keep up the good work! :+1:



My business partner and co-creator is the agent (Dustin). We rebate as part of the offer by applying the excess commissions to the purchase price. Net result is the seller receives the same amount but the buyer pays less.


Thanks for the feedback and tips. Responsive design is a pain in the you-know-what!

And you caught me out. I added that “rotate screen” tip as a stop-gap until I had time to play with design.

Although design is important, I rank is secondary to functionality and always try to get the app working for majority and then fine-tune the design as a second step. Ironically design can take as long as building the core functions.

I have on my plan to add to that offer page “Be the first to submit an offer” so I’m glad you prompted me.

We should have live CA data by mid next month, but we can still offer rebates for properties there, just use the “Can’t Find Property” link and we’ll manually look up the data to find out the rebate.

Once again, thanks for the feedback.



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Awesome! Sounds good. I will still keep an eye open for it. Post here when you get CA up and I would love to take a look. Southern California to be more specific. :blush::+1:

@J805 will do :+1:

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Hi @J805

We’re now providing Selling & Buying services in California :sunglasses:



Awesome! I will take a look. Thanks! :blush: