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A shoutout for AirDev in case you're hitting walls

At the bottom of the Bubble site, they mention that they have a relationship with AirDev if you need more help in building an app. As a guy who doesn’t know programming, I’m that guy. I’m just prototyping a thing and I don’t even know whether it’s a useful thing, so don’t want to spend thousands on development. But I thought it best to have a chat with AirDev since I was only a few hours in and already felt like I was banging my head on the wall.

I chatted with Andrew at AirDev earlier this week and chatted about my project. We chatted about a full build-out, but then he suggested an even better option for me. For $100 an hour, they do coaching calls. Fantastic! Because my prototype is going to be more data intensive than function intensive, what I needed more than anything was someone to help me figure out the logic and the steps, and then I can go get er done.

I just got off a coaching call with Andrew. He just spent an hour thinking through the problem with me and talking me through the steps on my shared screen to build what I want to build. That exercise alone has given me the majority of what I need in order to create my thing. I’m sure I’m going to need another coaching call or two to get it into a presentable and operating state. But that really has to be the best hundred dollars I’ll spend all month. And I’m going to a lot of very drinky Christmas parties in the next few weeks, so that’s saying something.

I’m sure if I really tried, I could have come up with posts here that would have eventually pointed me in the right direction. But frankly, there’s no replacement for simply having someone to talk over the problem with who then steps you through a solution. I’ve got to give a strong endorsement for Andrew and AirDev. He knows the platform and he’s a great resource for thinking through whatever logic problem you’re facing.


I can vouch for AirDev as well. I also spent a couple of hours with Andrew and one solution alone was worth the cost. He is not only knowledgeable about bubble, he is accessible and friendly.