First bubble app: Looking for co-pilot/consultant/coach for ongoing help


I have been playing with bubble and enjoying learning a bit about it. Now I have a ‘real’ app that I want to build and am getting ready to dive into it. The app is fairly straight forward, which some workflow around scheduling, stripe integration, a couple of different user types, and very simple reports.

I am pretty experienced as a software developer, so I understand coding/database practices but learning bubble is a whole new world. So, I am looking for a consultant/coach who can help me as follows:

  1. a few sessions during the initial couple of weeks, 60 or 90 minutes, to help me make sure the data is organized properly and the foundations are done right

  2. for a few weeks, some scheduled calls to check in, answer questions, and check my work

  3. availability for ongoing support, i.e. if I am in a jam can have a paid consultant to jump in

There are so many great resources for DIY learning around the web, so I’m well covered on that. Now I need a support person!

Open to any/all arrangements and would appreciate any suggestion!


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Would love to help out! I think I already spoke with you but just in case you need to remember what my site is:

Hope to ‘see’ you soon! :blush:

Jason - NoCodeMinute Founder