A simple count but I am not good enough to count

HI there,

This is a simple question from a newbie. I would like to know how many times different numbers are repeated in a thing. For instance the number 111 appears twice and then the number 2323 appears 3 times. I want bubble to tell me that the sum of any numbers that appear more than once is… (in this case 5). Any offers…

It is simply group by after getting these values somehow from wherever you want. See the values in a list on the left and the group by results on the right (numbers with their counts):

The rest is up to you. If you want to get any number that appear more than once, you will just filter this list based on the count:

If you want to see the editor yourself: Tests for Forum 10 | Bubble Editor

Thanks Hergen, but I should have said, my list of numbers are not on the page, they are in the data fields and the result of the equation will be in its own input form.

Ignore the above - I managed to do it from your example. Thank you so much. Very helpful. All the best.Stephen.