I can't do a count list

Hello! Starting now on Bubble and I’m having trouble creating something that I think is very simple, I’m creating a student occurrences app for a school, and I need it to return the number of occurrences that a student has in a repeater group, the count comes from a list type field in the database, as more than one student can have participation in the occurrence… well the problem is, how to make this count per student??
follows a print of the database

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to do…

But to get the count of any list in Bubble just add :count after defining the list.

What exactly are you trying to do?

If you are trying to count ‘per student’ such as the number of classes a particular student has, then assuming your students are within a repeating group, you can do a ‘Search for’ and get a count. Search for ‘classes’, for example, and add a condition to show only classes for the repeating group’s current student. Then, as @adamhholmes said, just add :count after to get the number.

hello! I still haven’t solved the problem, and I think I didn’t make myself clear!!
When I select the class in the dropdown, the students of that class that are in a database called “Students” are shown in the repeater group just below, I need that in the repeater group on the side it is shown how many occurrences this student has. See the images, in the app it appears selected (6th year A) 6th year A, and the students appear, I want the repeater group on the side to show that the
Kawani Vasco da Gama Cori has 6 occurrences, Laysa, 3, Pato, 2, “Pombo”, 1 and Ysis, 2…
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