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Ability to signup via twitter credentials

Hello bubble team!

I am creating a site where the user is able to sign-in / sign-up by providing their twitter credentials using the authentication API provided by twitter (
I’ve tried the Blocksprings for Twitter (e.g. “Get a User’s Info on Twitter”) but that does not seem to allow the user to sign-in using their twitter credentials.

I basically want to replicate what is already possible using the facebook plugin in bubble but now for twitter.
Any ideas how I can do this best?
Thank you very much for any help or pointers in the right direction.



We can’t do this yet, but it’s on our list. Don’t hesitate to reach out if it’s urgent


Hi Emmanuel,
Do you have a rough idea of when you might be adding this function?

I need it for the MVP of my site so I am trying to get a feel for whether I should wait for a native bubble solution or whether I need to work on an alternative.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @steinhausler
Did you manage to find a solution to this? Looking for a similar solution

Hi Ankul, nope not yet. Hoping that Blockspring or Bubble will be able to implement something as part of the " sign the user up with social media" action.

Hoping for the same.
Thanks for the update though :slight_smile:

Hi, I see this has been asked months ago–wondering what the status is as twitter sign-in is crucial for me.


Hello, what may the solution be if the functionality is urgent?

It’s really about the number of users that ask for it at the same time, and the current back log of stuff. The current weeks are quite busy with sponsored features (when people pay to have something implemented immediately). We can see how it goes in 2 weeks or so.


Thanks for the fast response. Speaking of “sponsoring features”, I’m assuming this would be one of the simpler/cheaper ones? Let me know what it would take?


Please reach out to support to talk about this.

Any update on this? I’d like to integrate Twitter into a project.

Unfortunately not there yet. We’ll try to squeeze that in in September


I def want Twitter login and ability to post scheduled Tweets on people’s account. If you guys get this feature, I can build my whole project on bubble and wouldn’t have to worry about writing code from scratch.


Isn’t it the use of the twitter plugin?

However, I am unable to use it, for I am not sure how.

Hey everybody,

I cant get the twitter login to work. Before going to the twitter login site I get the following error message:

I used Consumer key and Consumer secret. Is there anything I should configure on the twitter site?