Twitter Auth Plugin


I have an issue with the Twitter Authentication Plugin (for SignUp/LogIn):
When a user signs up with Twitter he gets redirected to Twitter and authenticate his account and so on. Works great so far! The user is saved in the database so all of that works smoothly.
But once a user wants to just log in with Twitter (in case he already signed up with Twitter before and logged out of my website) he again has to go through the process of authenticate his account / my Bubble site on Twitter. But the normal behaviour should be that Twitter recognise the user and instantly send him back to my site without clicking again trough the authentication process.

Is this a limitation of the plugin I’m unaware of our do I do something wrong (e.g. do I have to save a token or something)?

I hope my question is understandable as it’s my first question here in the forum. :wink:

Thanks a lot!

Does anybody has an idea how to solve this issue?

I would also like some help understanding this process. What should be the workflow for when a user signs in with twitter for the first time vs. subsequent logins?