About GoogleSearchConsole API integration

I would like to enter a dynamic value for [siteUrl] in the query settings.

@hiroyuki.sarai.13 You need to put an encoded URL in there so that you can initialise it. Then when you are actually using it in your app you can pass any url you want in there (again encoded).

What encoded URL should I put in?

@hiroyuki.sarai.13 Any URL that represents a verified ‘property’ (as Google calls it) in your Google Search Console account. And where that same Google Search Console account is setup in your https://console.cloud.google.com/ as a test account.

Hope that makes sense, if not might be worth giving a bit more detail on what you are trying to do and what you have already setup/got working e.g. Are you trying to access info on your own GSC account or for users to see their own GSC account. What info do you want to pull into Bubble. Have you got your token access for OAuth2 working, endpoints set up in https://console.cloud.google.com/ etc. etc.

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