Help with Google authentication would be greatly appreciated

Hi everyone,

What do I enter for the “App Secret” and “App ID/API Key”? The labels used on the Google admin console and those used on Bubble don’t seem to match.

I entered my Google client secret into the “App Secret” on Bubble and my Google API Key into my “App ID/API Key”. When I test this setup on Bubble, I get a 401 Error from Google that says “The OAuth client was not found.”

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank you so much, everyone!

Here’s what works for me.

In google console setup an Oauth client id under credentials in the API & Services section. Client ID maps to App ID, Client Secret to App secret. The endpoints and settings I use are in the image below.

The scopes you use would depend on your need. For example mine are:

Here’s a listing of available scopes: Alcances de OAuth 2.0 para las APIs de Google  |  Authorization  |  Google for Developers

Make sure to enable the API’s you need in the console library: Google Cloud console

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Got it to work!!! Thanks a ton for the help!!! You are the best!