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I’d suggest making a sub-category “New Feature” under “Announcements” category, instead of using a title prefix for respective posts.

Could similarly have other subcategories of “Announcements”

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Could work.

I want to bump this idea. Having a subcategory for new features. @emmanuel @jess @nickc what do you think?

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Yes we’ll do this.

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Thank you!

Hi @emmanuel I have been looking around the forum for any updated on SOC2 compliance. As I have worked so many no-code app builders, non are as easy to use and quick to test market as bubble is. I think this will give us a great advantage. We have developed SaaS app over Bubble to for our operational team and now the clients are requesting to use if we are SOC2 compliant. Really looking forward for this update. Any tentative time?

We’re working on this right now, I’m hoping we’ll have some updates re certification I’m the next few months.

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Hi @blueoceans2002
How did you solve that asking for proof of SOC compliance?
If you have more data and guidance regarding documents that can be used to prove the data protection capacity (of the Bubble environment), I would like to know how to access it, learn about.