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Is there not a “Add hiding rule” option under the responsive tab anymore?

There is not. These are handled with conditionals instead. Hiding rules used conditional statements under the hood, and we noticed that users were often using both because they were unsure which took precedence.

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Thought so. Thanks @nick.carroll.

Hey @nick.carroll - I do have a follow-up question in regard to my previous question. I am having an issue where it seems the hiding rules only apply to elements and not groups. Is that the case? If so, how do you hide entire groups now?

@nick.carroll I am not seeing a way on the page itself to set a maximum width when working with the layout container style of align to parent

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 5.06.31 PM

This means it is not possible to use this layout container on the page and limit the width of the page. Is this a missing feature or bug?

I understand there would be a ‘work around’ to put another container onto the page to fill the entire page, but that seems counterproductive to the point of the flexbox system to give us better performance by reducing the number of elements needed on the page to create the designs we are looking to create.

@nick.carroll How are we supposed to see in the editor the content of a group that has a layout type set to align to parent and the height is set to be min height of 0, max height set to 100% and fit height to content box checked?

Yeah we don’t have a good way of showing this in the editor if the container is empty. The workaround for now is to set some sort of min height while editing, and then adjust to 0 when you are ready to go live. Alternatively, with dragging and dropping in the elements tree, you can move elements into that container in the elements tree rather than on the canvas. Does that help answer your question?

Yes thankyou