New Engine request: Please don't default everything to fixed width

Every new element I drop on the page defaults to “Fixed” alignment and fixed width. This is the opposite of responsive. Please remove this behaviour. Instead of working well on every screen width, it’s preventing the app from doing that out of the box.

Default to the parent’s alignment, and no min or max width.



Row or Column makes much more sense - I’ve used Fixed like twice ever in the new editor - you almost never need it.


Completely. I mean, what’s the point if having a great new layout engine (or, as far as I can tell, just letting CSS/browser do its thing…) and then setting the default to the old arcane one?


This is still something very frustrating to me. Origjnally posted in Nov '21.

When I group elements, the new group has fixed width. Why?

If I’m grouping elements withing a group that doesn’t have fixed width, it should inherit the parent group’s layout settings.

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I support this.


+1 to this.

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YESSSS!!! Like it’s the least used setting, and means 99% of the time I have a lot of fiddling to do to get the layout right on every new element. I know it doesn’t take that long, but when you are a full time dev building big things it does add up!


Riiiight?! The extra clicks really do add up. Or worse yet, you forget to change the layout of a newly-created group and now your mobile experience is messed up.

If the parent group is not fixed, the new group should not be either.

What should it be? If it’s set at 0 the group could collapse to nothing in a row.
Maybe 100%

Not set at fixed width for starters. So no, min and max should be empty. Just share the same content layout. Basically assume as little as possible + try and prioritize responsiveness.

100% on this. Such a small tweak but will be a massive timesaver

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Totally agree, the new engine is amazing, don’t be shy to impose it…

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The problem with this would be not being able to put anything inside the group if the parent is fit to content.

I understand the need for minimum width and height, but the overall layout should default to the parent group for sure.

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How about a new page in our settings where we can set the default responsive settings for new elements?

Everything defaults to fixed width and some min width currently and changing them for each new element is exhausting.

Take the process for creating a new responsive group:

  1. Change container layout to not fixed
  2. Uncheck fix width
  3. Set min width to 0

Over and over again! Often I copy an existing group and delete the content cause it feels faster (probably isn’t).

90% of the time these are the settings I want, so would love to make them default.


I like the idea of a configurable setting for new groups and elements.

Your process is exactly what I do when creating new groups or grouping stuff: I have to uncheck and delete everything that makes the group unresponsive. Every, single, time. This is so unnecessary.


One solution is to have more features for Styles for Groups. Right now, there is only padding

To the “Layout” tab on Group styles, add properties for
• Fixed Width/Non-Fixed Width
• Fit Width to Contents
• Min width / max width (optional)
• Do the same for the Height properties.

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It’s astounding that this has not been adressed or fixed in three years :frowning: sometime I open bubble to sketch out an idea, and give up to get back to writing HTML/JS by hand specifically because of this…
What could we do for that issue to be heard ?