Access Android and iOS system sharing menu

Hi Bubblers,

I’d like a User to be able to click an element, and then have the native Android/iOS system sharing menu open up (so they can choose how to share a link).

Anyone know how to do this?


i dont think its possible.

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It’s only possible on the newest versions of a few browsers. But it is possible. Just not reliable for most people because they won’t have updated yet.

Simple implentation is just run this line of code as a javascript workflow.

  title: document.title,
  text: 'Hello World',
  url: '',
}); // share the URL of MDN

Details here


Thanks so much, Steven! Will give that a go!

Hi Steven,

Thanks so much for that! As the documentation showed, it doesn’t work on Samsung Internet but did work on the latest release of Chrome on my Android phone. Haven’t tested on iOS yet though.

Thanks again!

Did it work on ios

Hi Chad,

Sorry, didn’t get a chance to test it on iOS and have abandoned that specific project. Will let you know if another project needs this and I test it on iOS.

This was awesome btw!

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