Accessing API - Western Union

How would I integrate West Union’s API? I can’t see this page:

I want to integrate Western Union in the payment section of my site.

Since, its is denying access that means the page exists but access is allowed to few.
Most probable solution would be to create an account on West Union and then access this page via their dashboard.

Yup, probably this ^. However I can access these documents here:


Yea, that link is to their public page. I’ve emailed them. Thanks!

They want you to already be in business before they’ll allow you to use their API, and they have to do an extensive check on your business. It makes sense considering money laundering, etc., but I’ll probably just use another money transfer company because I am still in the building phase. I could technically build in this capability later, but I was hoping to use this as a unique selling point upfront. Still working with my partner to decide the best path forward.