Klarna Payment Integration

Hi Guys,

I am currently looking into the integration of Klarna Payments into my project. Unfortunately this is not as easy as I thought it would be:/

Here is the docs i found: https://developers.klarna.com/en/at/kco-v3/checkout/1-prepare-your-site-for-klarna-checkout/

If anybody has ever worked with something like this and knows how this is done - please let me know.

Id really need some assistance here:)


They also have a hosted payment page api: https://developers.klarna.com/api/#hosted-payment-page-api

Would this work with the bubble api connector?

Most definitely. I’ve did multiple integrations of payment service providers. As long as the API is well documented (which is the case at Klarna), you can succeed doing it in the API connector.


Like the post above mentions, this should be easily achievable using the API connector. I’ve worked on similar integrations before and could help you out if required. I am reachable at anil@techflux.co or @anilamesur on skype.



I am an experienced developer, this is something that is well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out on it.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
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Hi Chris,
I have just seen your request and sounds very interesting to me.
Sent you PM with further details.
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Hi again - I have been testing around a bit and managed to build a Plugin that processes the user to the klarna payment page \o/

I achieved this through the hosted-payment-page integration.

There is also another option for integrating Klarna directly into the site which is called Klarna Checkout. There I would have to embed an html snippet into my site which is then filled with Klarnas Checkout container. Unfortunately I cant seem to get this working:

I really have no idea how this is setup in bubble:( Here is the link to the doc: https://developers.klarna.com/en/gb/kco-v3/checkout/2-render-the-checkout/

Appreciate all helpful comments:) I´m planning to distribute this as a free plugin as soon as it is working properly.

Looking forward to good input,

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