Accessing Bubble from China


Does anyone have experience with an app with Chinese users? We have quite poor performance in terms of response times and we frequently get errors relating to poor connectivity.

On the same devices, it seems like some websites and apps are fast and others are slow.


We have quite some users in BJ, haven’t heard about poor performance yet. With the firewall I’m expecting some lags sometime, but best would be to try and let us know.

Having servers inside China is probably a bit early for us, as the paperwork aspect is important, but we’ll definitely do this at some point (I personally have quite some ties to China, will probably be in BJ this summer for some workshops, gave one in Taipei/HK…).

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We have already experienced connectivity issues. And is not the only service with poor performance, we see it with other western websites as well. But some work fine, maybe because they are hosted in China. I’ll do some more systematic research into this and let you know what I learn.

Where are you based?

I was in Chongqing for ~8 years, I sent some of my apps to a few friends over there, all of them were timing out when trying to access.

This was ~3 months ago, just left it at that. I am mulling an app about that would need stable access from mainland users, however, and am curious what it’d take to get servers in China as a reality?

We have tested with a CDN provider that turned out to work really well. However, it has a price tag that means it’s not just for fun. First, we upgraded to the dedicated Bubble plan, and the CDN service is also quite pricey. But the alternative for us was to switch away from Bubble, which in reality meant hiring a team of developers to create our full back-end. So it was worth the price.

The CDN provider we use is


Shanghai would be better for foreign internet companies.