Accessing users uuid from a workflow

I’m trying to migrate some data and would like to call an API and include a record creator’s unique id:

However, when I run the workflow and generate the data, it gives me some kind of username. Is there a way to access the uuid associated with the user? See below for an example. I don’t even know where that value might come from…


This is all just a guess, but the external service you are using, it seems like it doesn’t let you set the creator? The admin_user_cdcouploader_test is the Admin user on your external service’s side you are making the API call as?

Do the API docs for the service you are using say you can set the creator field? Like in the Bubble WF API docs it says you can’t set the uid, creator, created date, modified date fields since those are auto filled in

Thanks for the reply. The external service doesn’t really matter in this situation, since it’s receiving the API call from bubble. My second screenshot just shows the raw data coming from bubble. The issue is that when I get the Deposit Record’s unique id in bubble (first screenshot), bubble returns admin_user_cdcouploader_test instead of the uuid that you usually see, like ‘1648138469555x429765121177905860’

Yea that’s why I was thinking maybe admin_user_cdcouploader_test is the user on your external service, and it’s a field that can’t be modified? Where is that username coming from?

admin_user-cdcouploader_test is coming from bubble when I create the JSON body using “Format as Text”. I just pointed it to and you can see that bubble is saying the Creator’s unique id is “admin_user-cdcouploader_test”


:thinking: This Deposit Record's Creator's unique id should definitely work then…

Yeah, i think this may be a bug or some other functionality that I don’t understand…i opened a ticket with bubble and will post the result here…

Yes I’m curious what the issue is. If you put some text on the page, can you display a Deposit’s unique id there? And nothing dumb like you’re testing from a live app with old changes?

I just figured it out. The item in question was created in the backend, so it showing as created by (App admin). It seems that the app admin doesn’t have a unique id so they are putting that “admin_user_cdcouploader_test” in its place. It seems to work fine with items created by regular users.

Thanks for the suggestions here!

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You know I was thinking something like that but I didn’t think it would have that strange username as App Admin and it wouldn’t have an empty uid.