Account log with MFA unknowned


I have created two accounts on Bubble:
Account 1 : uses Google Login and two factor activated, MFA (as recomended)
Account 2 : uses Google Login but without the Two factor activated.

I can login to my Bubble account with Account 2, but not with account 1.
It is aking me for an FMA code that I cant figure out how to get.

…any idea how to login or reset that account not ot use MFA?

For Account 1, you can use an app on your phone (Google Authenticator or Authy, for instance) to generate a one-time temporary token to login.

Hi Neerja,
Thanks, thats what I did after wondering… it generated a 16 letter code, entered this last one
in the MFA field…and nothing…was not accepted or validated.

Also I m wondering if there is not a page routing bug in the login process.
I m saying this coz when I am actually Signing IN (or login in) a message about my - already registered email appear - which is generally the type of answer you get when trying to SIGN UP (create a new account) using an email that is already registered in whatever provider list of account.

Could someone confirm that there is no bug in the Sign IN procedure at the moment ?

Thanks for your help neerja…still blocked with this account.

Google Authenticator will give you a 6 digit code not 16. Please submit a bug report instead as perhaps there is something account specific.

oh okay,
I ll be checking what Google Aut I m using and why this longer code is returned,

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