Action: create list of numbers

There should be an action to create a list of numbers.

It’s silly that a computer programming tool can’t do any counting.

I understand the limitation on repeats and recursion. Shared server resources means slow repetition. However, I don’t understand the need to manually create a table with numbers in it just to remind Bubble how to count.

We can work around this silly limitation now with the javascript toolbox plugin, IF we’re on a page.

But if I need this list of numbers in the API workflow section, there’s no way to use the javascript toolbox plugin. The only option is to manually fill a table with all of the numbers between 0 and the highest number I need to use.


Did you ever find a solution for this?

There is a plugin for it. Number listgenerator or something

That only works on frontend, there is no plugin for generating lists of numbers on the backend.

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