For Loops in Bubble

Has anyone figured out a looping function yet?

I’d like to create a piece of data a number of times (the number being dynamic based on the users input) but I can’t figure out what to use.

It’s not a traditional ‘list of things’ that I can run it on, usually you’d use a loop to run the same function to create the data x number of times until number Y is reached. But Bubble (as far as I know) doesn’t support loops?

Anyone have a simple workaround?

Would be amazing if @josh and the team could add a new action to the actions menu to ‘Create a thing X number of times’ where X is a dynamic number we set!

Workflows have been able to schedule themselves for a while. So kick off a back end workflow and get it to reschedule itself until it is done.


Thank you Nigel, shall look further into that

In terms of “do something x times” you can use the Toolbox list to create a list of numbers from 1 to x.


If you’re looking to not use api workflows, you can use the ‘list processor’ element in bdk utilities plugin

Here’s the corresponding forum post



Thanks a lot, this might work better for the use case.

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Just looked at your BDK plugins - really nice work i’ll be sure to use some in my projects

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Works great thanks a lot Nigel!

Where is the Toolbox list ?

Look for a plugin called Toolbox. That adds a number of new elements …one of which is a list of numbers.

I have doubt, there is a way of use TOOLBOX in backend? This is possible?

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