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Action selection popup getting cut-off at screen bottom

“Custom Events” gets hidden

Can’t you scroll the page though?

nope, the popup disappears when you try to scroll and the scrollbar disappears then (since the page is now smaller without that popup). It should have logic to place it higher when needed

…as long as it doesn’t get into a negative Y value for its top (at which point it would be cut-off at the top [edge case for very small height of window])

Windows/File Explorer btw in recent Windows versions shows up and down scroll arrows at file context menus (at their top and bottom respectively) when they don’t fit the screen

if you see at the bottom-right of this image the down arrow of the scrollbar is also hidden

if I pinch to zoom out it keeps on doing it so it’s not the current zoom in Edge browser, could be related to my 125% DPI setting though in Windows

workaround is to use down arrow key to scroll down the page (mousewheel scroll might work too)