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Popups have scroll bars

Hello All, I am faced with a small problem that is causing me some pain! Using the PC to display a popup hides the ability to scroll. But while on mobile i can scroll the whole length on the page and not the popups height. Its like the scroll bars don’t re-adjust to the new height.

Can anyone help.

This is the page to activate the popup click load popup button on the top right

Ok so:

  1. When viewing on desktop, the popup blocks page scrolling.
  2. When viewing on mobile, the popup doesn’t block page scrolling.

What would you like to change?

No Scrolling on mobile

Hmmm…do the other popups allow for scrolling on mobile? I’m not sure if that’s a browser feature or something else

Does not look like it. The page on the mobile scrolls for a bit then the popup re-centers. See this

Ok I checked out your app on mobile. I see what you’re aiming at.

Without seeing your actual application, there’s not an easy way to troubleshoot this. As far as I can tell, the popup is behaving properly, there’s just a ton of extra space around the element. That being said, it looks like your problem is coming from the responsiveness of your app, specifically your popup element.

I’d start playing around with responsive settings, such as setting groups to fixed width, using the responsive editor to understand margins and rearranging/defining properties to accommodate, that kind of thing.

Again, it looks as though the popup element is behaving correctly, it’s the responsiveness of your popup element (and/or possibly the other elements) that seems to be causing a large margin on a mobile viewport. Because there’s so much going on, without access to your editor, I can’t guess where your problem is coming from.

Lemme know if that works

I honestly had gone mad over solving this. It works on a new page but for this specific page it does not work as expected. So what did i do. Deleted the page and starting building a simpler one.