Actions to take if thing doesn't exist and then create thing, mess up order

I want to take actions before creating a thing, and then create the thing, but i can’t because “create thing” happens regardless of the workflow rules.

Example flow:
1.Ask user for their PlayerID
2.Trigger custom action “Do things before creating” only when search for “player” where playerID = user entered playerID
3.“Do things before creating” action
4. trigger custom action “Create New player” only when “Do Things Before creating action is complete”
5.“Create New Player”

This is not working as expected as for some reason “create new player” is happening even before step 2 has happened. even though i explicitly said only run “create new player” upon trigger.

It’s driving me crazy, what am i doing wrong here?

Hi - did you manage to get a solution to this?

I am having the same issue with the login process, it’s creating the user before the check for an existing user has completed.

Unfortunately there is no solution. The steps are generally taken asynchronously, and whenever there is a “create thing” the app seems to do it “first”.

Thus the only way to address this was to have one action / workflow that checks if a thing exists.

And then have another action/button or something that the user triggers to “create” a new thing.

i.e. if someone is trying to create a user that already exists, you should first do a check for existence, i.e. as soon as they enter the new username you check it against the database and give them an error immediately if there is one and block the “create” button. and only allow the “create” button to work if the user does not already exist.

Then the “create” button is the one with the create thing action in the workflow.

Thanks @gparra, I have resolved this, but have 2 safety nets that I’ll share.

One is checking the field as the data is entered (as you have noted above), and then again when the workflow is triggered (i.e. a button is pressed), just incase there is a lag, or the user presses the button twice.