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Add 2 inputs to list in custom state


I’m creating a form, and I wanted to know is it possible to add 2 inputs to one list that is stored in custom state.

i.e I have name and age inputs, a repeating group and an add child button.
When the user enters in the name and age, and then presses “add child button” my
aim is to add the 2 inputs to a list in custom state, then display that single list that contains both name and ages in repeating group.

I’m having to do this because If I display a repeating group that doesn’t have any content in it, the rg wont display.

Yes, you can do this

Set the type of data of the RG to ‘text’
Set the data source of the RG to the custom state which should be a list of texts.

Then, when the user clicks on ‘add child’, the text from the input gets added to the list that is in the custom state.
So your workflow will be:
set state of custom state → myListOfTexts add text input

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Hi Ranjit,

Thank you for your reply.
I read your answer, but I still can’t figure out how to add two text inputs to a list in custom state.

I have a custom data type: child.
Which consists of
Name (text),
Age (Number)

My end goal is a that the user fills out the form and it gets saved to the database when they click submit at the bottom.

The form consists of:
Child name and Age (text inputs)
Parent full name (text input)
Parent Phone number (number input)

Parent Signature (Signature pad input)
Terms and conditions checkboxes.

couple more text inputs.

Would it be possible to for you to show be a demo of how to input the child name and age,
then save them to custom state and then display them in a Repeating Group.
I have attached an image below of what I’ve tried in the workflow

I would really appreciate.

Thank you very much