How to display multiple inputs data on RG using custom state

Hello, I am trying to use custom state to temporarily store data. Also, if user fill out the inputs and click “save,” i want those data be displayed in to Repeating Group using custom state. Anyone knows how to do this?

I think I am pretty clear if I only have one input, but having multiple inputs to be shown on RG is difficult for me.

I also don’t want to do “create new thing” since I don’t want this to be stored into DB. If anyone has other solutions, it would be much appreciated! Thanks.

First of all, the type has to be the same for all inputs or you need to convert them to the same type. After that, you need to store every single value in a custom state which is of type list. You can do this by seting state of something, pick the custom state and put as a value This Element's customs state, ListOfInputs:plus item new item. Hope this solves your problem :slight_smile:

Thank you. I think i got to the custom state for every inputs. However, displaying those in a repeating group seems tricky. Any thoughts?

Once you have the list ready in a custom state it is quite simple. You just have to reference it, do it by: Element's custom state list. Put this in the data field

Yes, I think displaying each inputs tied to each repeating group is possible as displayed above, but I don’t know how to show all the inputs to be show in each cell’s RG. any thoughts?