Add a spinner when image is downloading

In my app, image download seems very slow. It is using dynamic image source and retrieving the image via external API. I would like to add a spinner but cannot find a way to insert that for the image element. Any suggestions?


Hello, I believe that all you need to do is contain an image with a group with a container layout: aling to parent. Align the image in the center and visible text with fixed size 45px/45px centered also with the here [fa]circle fa-spin[/fa-notch on page load). Put a condition in the text that if the image is not empty (URL) it hides.
When the user clicks the download button, present the text with the icon and download the image. Automatically when the image is downloaded and the URL is no longer empty the icon will hide.

Complementing @EliezerBeniz great advice you could add a spinner icon and click the option to rotate it.