Adding a loading spinner upon button click

Hey all,

I’m running a couple of slow processes (getting data from stripe, uploading large images) and I don’t like the progress bar at the top very much (it’s not obvious enough in my opinion), so I’d like to add a spinner whilst these processes are happening - is there an easy way to do this? Do I need to get a spinner gif? Had a look on the forum and I found a relevant thread, but replies are closed unfortunately.

Thanks guys

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Just add the icon “spinner” where you want it and in its properties check the rotate box and uncheck the visible on page load button. Then in your workflow with the long process, add an element action to “show” the spinner icon. And then “hide” the spinner icon again after your process completes.


Thanks @edd, much appreciated! If I want to run a spinner on something not triggered by a click (e.g. waiting until data loads from Stripe), how do configure this?


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