Add and edit dynamic values in the text field

So, I have a text on the page (being pulled from the database.)
I want to make it dynamic so any part of text enclosed between specific signs can be edited through an input field.

Just like how we can add dynamic values API calls can be modified using any input on the page to alter the API call.

If I understand your Q correctly, you want to build a feature where your users can implement dynamic values, something like what Mailchimp offers, where a user can write an email like Hi {{firstName}}?

You can achieve this when your add :find&replace to the end of your expression. In this example you’d find {{firstName}} and replace it with something like recipient's firstName.

Hope this makes sense for your use case.

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Thanks for the guidance, Olivier. :sweat_smile:

I’m new to this. Can you guide me on how to automatically create inputs according to the texts given by the users so that users can edit the dynamic values in the text that they provide? :sweat_smile:

I’m afraid what you’re trying to achieve is not easily achievable with native Bubble. You have to set up those dynamic values at first. So if you want your users to use <pet>. You’d have to use the :find&replace expression to remove “<pet>” from the text and replace it wit for example current user's pet's name. But I’m pretty sure your users cannot define dynamic values themself, maybe there’s a plugin out there that does this (looking at you here @Jici).

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Thanks man, Really appreciate your help.

That’s right. This is possible using JS and script. I’ve done this for someone else. But each case are different.

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