Dynamic Fields in Front end Input

Is there a way to insert dynamic fields in the front end Input.
I’m making an sms sending app and i want to allow user to send personalized sms Like
Hi [Name] Message and the sms will be different for each contact name.
I looked for a plugin, i didn’t see. If someone has a solution, I will be happy


One solution, you can create a data type for those standard messages text. Then put condition in wf “when…sms text = search for standard message text item#…”

Can you detail more, I think I have an idea about what you are talking but i don’t see it precisely.
The users have contacts which are data type. Explain more please or if you can do an example
Thank in advance

I found a begining of a solution, I use two input the first will have the text with the fields and the second one will use find and replace of the text value of the first.
I don’t if it will work when i will try sending to several but it’s a good start. I will hide the second one but send it when Send is clicked

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Hi, sorry just have time to laptop

After reading the following message I am not sure if I am fully understood of what you need :slight_smile: …but what I want to suggest is to put all the things as parameters in dB, so you can create something dynamically refers to parameters saved in DB.

For example below is creating sms in 3 steps:

  1. user create their contact list
  2. user create standard sms introduction for each of their contact
  3. user create single sms to single contact

Case may be vary but we can play with parameter saved in dB to extend this dynamic (e.g sending sms to multi receiver etc)

Hope this can help you :blush: