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Add billing_cycle_anchor and prorate settings to the Stripe plugin

In order to have Stripe subscriptions immediately charge users that upgrade their account you need to do a POST to Stripe to update the billing_anchor_cycle to “now” and prorate to “true.” It would be good to add these controls to the Update Subscription action for the Stripe plugin to give us control on how we’d like to handle the subscription upgrades.

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Bumping this thread as I want to apply this to my app as well.

By changing the billing_anchor_cycle to “now” won’t it change the billing cycle altogether?

Does anyone know a different method to accomplish the expected result (adding to quantity to the subs item and charge immediately)

@copilot any suggestion? (I’m using stripe.js) Could it be added to the “update subscription” action on the next plugin update?

Hi @zavitac,

We’ll find a spot in our roadmap if it’s feasible! In any case, do let us know over at [email protected]. :slight_smile:

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Any idea if it’s still on work in progress? Or if there is a workaround? Can’t make this post work with the API connector, would be great to have it on the plugin