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Stripe | Billing Cycle | Proration


So I am using stripe API to charge the user. When creating a billing portal session I am trying to pass the billing_cycle_anchor=now as a parameter so when a user updates a subscription he should be charged immediately/invoice.

But it is not working. Also, I disabled the proration.

I tested this use case, and it works from the stripe dashboard but not the API.

Any solution?

It says it needs to be a future time. The billing cycle anchor should be Current date time +months (1):formatted as UNIX (i.e the date of the next invoice)

@georgecollier Thank you for your response. I am unable to initialize the call. Please check the following screenshots


Well that’s because you’re calling the billing portal session endpoint… Stripe API reference – Create a portal session – curl - that doesn’t support billing_cycle_anchor.

You can set the billing cycle anchor / proration behaviour in the Stripe dashboard then redirect customers to a portal. Alternatively, you can use the update a subscription API call detailed here: Stripe API reference – Update a subscription – curl and the billing_cycle_anchor parameter like you’ve done correctly as a parameter in your portal session API call.


Thanks man

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