Add changes from test to Development

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to adding changes from test version to Development and bubble is saying over and over that they can’t process it.

Is anyone in the same situation?

Are you talking about your app or your database?

We are getting the same thing.

I sent a bug report. Was this resolved for you yet?

Bubble tried to fix this yesterday but brought new problems that we added into a previous email, mainly we said the following:
Details report Merge (CarlosDev into Development)

As we showed in this video and after Bubble Team forced a merger between Carlos-Dev and Development, a series of serious errors appeared due to the loss of information and work done in the last few days.

Such as:

Missing inputs in the Dashboard_Admin Page.(capture from CarlosDev branch)

Capture from Development Merge Branch.

And more features made in the past days, also internal problems with the platform and poor resolution of conflicts with other branches.

When the Bubble team forced the merger between branches, they were unable to resolve the conflicts caused by the merger. and consequently, it is not possible to resolve the conflicts caused manually or with our permissions as users of the platform, our intention is to be able to have the version of Carlos-dev in Development without errors, failures or synchronization conflicts with Live from our third step is to be able to upload to live all the changes made after being tested by our QA team.

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