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Add column/row gap to repeating groups?

Hello Bubble! I’d love to see the possibility to add row/column gap to repeating groups.

Currently, if I want to have a 10px margin between each cell, my only option is to add 10px bottom-margin and add a condition to exclude the last cell with a condition such as:
Current cell's index is Current Page's Users:count —> Bottom-margin: 0px

This is a minor thing (of course), but it would still be nice to have :slight_smile:


… I can also add what I believe is a better expression to handle the exclusion of the last cell in the list: Current cell's index is RepeatingGroup's List of Users:count —> Bottom-margin: 0px

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Not being able to add a gap spacing between elements on an RG the way you can in other groups is a major annoyance.

My workaround is to add a left/right padding to each item, then add negative margins to the RG to zero it out.

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Hi @lregefalk ,
what you can do is that, add a separator of 5-8px and set the color visibility to 0%.
Something like that

Hope it works :heart:

If you are setting an RG to have a fixed number of rows/columns, my method is to wrap each cell in a group, then add internal padding to that group. That keeps it evenly spaced and is incredibly simple to implement. This also helps if you don’t have a definitive height/width for each RG Line.

If you’re not setting a fixed number of rows/columns and have a fixed height/width you can achieve the same by setting the min-height or min-width of each.

Honestly though, both of the above seem pretty interchangeable with your own method (which I have also used!).