Gap between elements of a repeating group

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This is probably a noob question, but I can’t find an answer: how can we apply a gap between elements of a repeating group? When I apply a margin, it seems to make a margin between the repeating group and other elements, not between the elements that make up the repeating group.

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Hello @martinlenweiter

There’s no direct way to do this: the RepeatingGroup element offers the “Margin” option (outside) but not the “Padding” option (inside).

So here’s two ways to achieve it:

1/ User the “separato” option of your RG
Make it “Solid”, make the color transparent, chose the width you’d like
See here for demo:

2/ Group all the elements of your cell inside a “Group”
Then add padding or margins to this group


Hi Luc, Thank you very much for your reply. I’ll try your suggestion!

Hi @martinlenweiter
In Addition to Above answer :point_up_2:

You can group all the elements of your cell & apply row gap
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 17.38.21

Yes, we create a group in our repeating groups and then have a style for this type of groups so that we are consistent in how this is implemented.

Love the date format at the beginning of each row!

Thanks @treb.gatte :slight_smile: credit goes here

Thanks a lot @viquarahmed07 ! :slight_smile:

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