Add constraints on a list of things


Is there any way to add a constraint to a list of things?

So my example is:

  • Using Full Calendar
  • The calendar displays events based on what I put in as the ‘‘Data Source’’
  • If I put in ‘‘Do a search for’’ my ‘‘events’’ data type, then I can add in a constraint (such as only events whose ‘‘x’’ field = "y’’)
  • But I want my calendar to display ‘‘Current User’s List of Events’’
  • With this option, I don’t see a constraint option, so I can only display all of the events in the list

Can anyone offer any help?

Thank you!!

For anyone who had the same question, I solved this:

You just have to add the “:filtered” option to the expression, then you will get the option to add constraints :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mauraduquette. I have heard that this method is resource intensive as system first loads complete data and then filters. What are your thoughts? Any alternatives?

Hi @myflappd, I don’t know exactly how the system handles data when it comes to filtering.

But as an example, the way that I handle filtering the Thing “Events”: to optimize performance, attribute a “List of Events” field (of type “Events”) to Users so that the filter is applied to "Current User’s “List of Events”.

According to a pointer I once received, this way, the system is only looking through/filtering the specific List of Events instead of all Events in the entire database. But you would need an expert/authority to confirm that this is true/the best way to handle things.

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Thank you. It’s confusing but based on the forum search I did, you are following the best practice.

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