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Add current width of elements in Responsive view

Could the current width of elements be added to either the “Pick an element” menu or the “Hidden elements” menu? It’s difficult to figure out which element is still too wide and requires a lot of time to go through all of the elements to figure out which are causing issues.

Or maybe a way to search for elements by width greater than X? At the smallest screen size (375px) I’m not able to figure out what element is still wider than 375px.

Doesn’t hovering elements in the hidden box help indentifying them?

Not all elements are hidden, and many elements sit on top of each other, so I’m forced to use the top menu to go through them one by one. It’s very time consuming and could use improvement.

I’ll think about it. Showing the width there doesn’t sound like a great solution as it only applies here. I can imagine people asking to display more info if we add width, and it’ll become messy.

Thanks Emmanuel. Just looking for some type of improvement. One other related issue – in responsive view, when you click on reusable elements on pages you get this notification.

The issue is that your reusable element on the page could have a width that’s greater than the minimum, but aren’t able to adjust. Although, if you select the element from the “Pick an element” menu you get the screenshot below and are able to adjust the width.

Thanks for reporting that, we’ll check.

I should probably put this in its own post, but adding here since its related to the responsive view. This goes to a previous idea where I asked about adding the Element Tree to the responsive view. In the screenshot below I have an arrow pointing to an element that I’m having a hard time updating. The reason is because this is a repeating group with a clear button over top of the entire cell and I don’t have an easy way to turn it off in the responsive view in order to click on the element below it. I’ve tried using the “Pick an element” menu also, but it’s not displaying the settings when I do that.

Here’s a video of the issues: