Add custom components

Is there anyway to add custom components from outside Bubble? I found this site:, that offers things like that, but it requires next.js, react, tailwind css, and framer motion. They provide the code, but you have to install dependencies.

Any sort of plugin that could accomplish that?

It’s not possible to add items that require a framework like react etc. You can always use pure html and CSS elements from elsewhere but you would lose a lot of bubble functionality.

I would suggest you use these as references and just create the same designs within bubble.

There are different custom component libraries for Bubble like Atomic Fusion,, Frames, Basis (can’t find their thread here) and others.

you can build a plugin where you put the bubdled code with dependencies and adapt it to work with bubble but it requires time and in this specific case will probably add a big amount of code to the app, so you need a strong business reason for it