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Custom Programming to Extend Bubble?

Hi. Does anybody know a good resource for extending Bubble with custom programming? I need a custom javascript widget that can be integrated into a Bubble app and populated with Bubble data. So the person would need to know both how to build it and how to integrate it into the parts of the app that I have already built in Bubble. Thanks!


We haven’t exposed a clean way to do this yet (that’s probably our next major update), so right now the best way to do it is with a custom block with blockspring, where you can type some code and get it run via a blockspring block in Bubble. It won’t be an element on the page, but can do some operations on the data.

Or, if you want to display something, you can just have some JS in an HTML element, and then using the ‘Insert dynamic data’ button you’ll be able to get dynamic data in the code.

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Thanks Emmanuel!

I’ll try those approaches. I think I can accomplish what I need to doing that. Thanks!

Can you say a bit more yet about what you plan on JavaScript support, maybe as an announcement (or message me if you prefer)? At least when you are ready to begin work on it.

Will it provide access to API endpoints and/or page data and/or page workflows?

There is an app coming for us which will involve building some significant custom UI components which will definitely require custom JavaScript.

We’re still thinking about it, so it’s too early.

Have you checked the API though? It sounds it could do a lot of what you want to do.

Yes. Maybe I can get where I need to with custom UI built from Bubble components and using the API extensively. I don’t know yet. Hopefully our first app I am building will give me a clearer idea. I have learnt how to do a lot, although some of the workarounds seem a bit kludgy

What I don’t want to do an app with some front-end hosted outside Bubble and some inside. It would mean doubling up on quite a bit of UI work. I don’t mind having bubble API as the backend and hosting all the front-end elsewhere, if I have to, although I don’t know if I would pick Bubble for a data backend alone. One of its selling points is quick integration of front- and back-end.

I see your point. What would be your ideal backend if you did host the front-end elsewhere?

Any updates with embeddable JavaScript widget?
I would like to display registration forms on own user’s website or blog.
I am thinking about something like a ticket or discount button.

Do you think this is achievable somehow? Thanks