Add data from checkboxes as list of things for a field

How do I add data from checkboxes as a list into a field?

I have this checkboxes:

And I would like to have the responses recorded as “source infective status” which I have already set as a “list of texts” in my database.

I figured out this much, but it only adds 1 text so I ended up with the error that says the end result should be a list of texts but I cannot figure out how to add multiple data sources into one field.

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Could you add 2 more of the same “source infective status add” with each of the other 2 checkboxes?

Tried that, but the database only captures data from 1 and ignores the other 2 ticked checkboxes

Try creating Steps 2 & 3, Modify a thing (SIS from Step 1), source infective status add Checkbox 2 is checked, formatted as text

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